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  • Can I get a design in a different size?
    Unfortunately not, as each of the bespoke designs are created as artistic expressions much like paintings, they are intended to be individual one-of-a-kind, one-off prints. However, if there is a design you like which is not in your size or has sold out, you can get in touch to discuss design ideas and bespoke pieces.
  • Do you do bespoke designs?
    Yes, Absolutley! Each of the designs created are themselves unique, intending to be an attempt to counteract the notions of the fast-fashion industry, and reflect our individuality and differences, to become one-off pieces which can be kept and worn beyond the next fashion trend. Much like my artistic practise I warmly welcome (and enjoy!) working and collaborating with others. You can use the contact form to send an inquiry for commissioning bespoke designs.
  • Is commissioning a bespoke design expensive?
    Bespoke designs will naturally incur a higher cost, due to the time involved in creating a new custom piece. However this dosen't mean that the costs will be expensive or excessive. All costs can be discussed and managed to your budget.
  • I've seen images of designs but can't find them?
    Don't fret! This could be because of a two things... ...the website is a new platform constantly being updated and designs added. ...due to the one-of-a-kind nature of each of the designs it may have already sold. Please don't hesitate to send along a message if you encounter this issue with a brief outline/description of the deisgn and I can help provide you with some more information.
  • I live locally, can I collect?"
    Yes, however please get in touch first to confirm timings and locations etc. are appropriate before ordering.
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